Poem: A message to my future self

This is a small poem that I wrote for a poetry writing competition in my diocese last year. Wish I could pay heed to my own message.

Hey future self, it’s me, though sick,
Writing to you amidst the 2020 pandemic.
Leaving a message from my mere experience of 26 years;
Hope you take it as one from your closest peers.
If life has become blue again,
And you want to call it quits;
Remember it is never blue enough
To make your soul go blue.
If life is still getting rough,
The ever-increasing tonnage of responsibilities,
Buckle up, ask for help and raise the sails,
There’s no adventure sitting alone at the shoreline.
If life is still trapped in the pits of lust,
Cry out for grace, O my numbed soul.
It’s never too late
To seek the Beauty of all things beautiful.
If life still seems too comfortable
Surrounded by luxuries and ease,
Skyrocketing pride and arrogance;
Beware, you are on the highway to hell!
If no matter what, remember still
The hands that delicately crafted every atom of your soul,
In the flaming fires of the stars,
Continues to embrace you with His unconditional love.